Laser cast 45 70 load data

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Laser cast 45 70 load data

I'm looking to load some Gr, hard cast, bullets for a friends Henry. I would like everyone's suggestions on powder type for this application in this pressure class of I own several rifles in This cartridge is probably the least fussy round I've ever loaded for. Just about anything in the loading manual will work if you try it. Your biggest problem is going to be in finding a good bullet for the gun. I've found with cast that many different manufacturers bullets will not shoot well and the ones that do will shoot well with just about any powder.

Cast bullets can sometimes be difficult to find a load for and I've used several that I never found a good load for. They were either too hard, too soft, had bad bases, and cursed with no apparent reason not to shoot. If bought commercial they can be all over the map in diameter and if you haven't slugged the barrel you won't even know where to start with any of the cast bullets.

I'd suggest you start by slugging the barrel and then selecting some bullets that are. If you don't want to do that,it's a crap shoot finding out what might work. I will add though that Oregon Trail Laser Cast have shot pretty well out of all my s and they are very uniform diameter. Meister sells a barrel slugging kit for a very reasonable price. I'd start by slugging the barrel and seeing what diameter bullet you need and then go from there.

A mismatched bore and bullet will really ruin your day. You can get leading from mild to severe and that only compounds the problem.

I guess I'd say the first thing you need to do is slug the barrel and start from there. IMR is a very good powder for all levels of loads in the You can duplicate ballistics of the original Trapdoor cartridges all the way up to bolt action rifle loads. I can understand the attraction of cast bullets but, why? There are very good jacketed bullets available that shoot very accurately in most rifles. Don't buy the old Internet myth about shooting out the soft steel barrels with jacketed bullets.

You won't shoot enough rounds to do that. Recoil will see to that. Remove Advertisements. Another one that is good for cast is It wouldn't hurt to slug the bore but if you use a bullet with the right alloy,and the right lube, the bullet will bump up and seal the bore properly without leading.

RNFP designed specifically for the. I use their. Very accurate, and no leadiing whatsoever. Excellent prices as well. Thanks for all your responses. I was originally thinking IMR as a good primary choice. That or RL I've had experience with both of those in straight wall cartridges in the past but it's been ten years or more. I may go with the Oregon Trail bullets also since I've had good results with them. Should a modern Henry lever action be loaded to the 28, psi level?Getting ready for some warmer weather shooting I am looking for information and developing loads to shoot grain cast.

I like shooting the g for best accuracy and am looking to reduce some recoil. Any bullet from grains, any gun, will shoot accurately with grains of Unique. Or it won't shoot accurately. BTW, I have some stuff, bullets and cases etc, that I'll give you if you want it.

In theory, jacketed bullets produce more friction in the bore than cast, i. The difference is very little.

laser cast 45 70 load data

Not to say you want to start at the top load, prudence is demanded. With starting loads, you can work up and usually you will get the best accuracy long before the highest pressure.

With the loads you are describing, this can be a simple interpolation of data. Simplest approach is to go to the starting loads for the next heaviest bullet of similar description.

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When I lived in Illinois and hunted coyote in the brush on the bluffs of the Mississippi, it was my varmint load. WI Shooter. That is close for me but I always verify with a chronograph. The predicted charge for averaged fps for 10 shots. That is where it still is for my.

Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4 page has specific recommendations for your Marlin lever rifle and a gr cast bullet:. Recommended Trapdoor loads are also safe for lever rifles. Don't go below them with these powders. About gr in my alloy. Powered by 12grs of Unique and shot against four other loads it was hands down the worst grouping of the bunch.

Oregon Trail Laser-Cast Bullets 45-70 Government (459 Diameter) 405 Grain Lead Flat Nose Box of 250

Even raising the muzzle before placing on the bags only produced 5 MOA y groups vertical. The wind was opening everything up horizontal. The accuracy winner that day shading out the close second was 58gr of the old FFg Elephant on top of 5gr SR It put all shots in just a hair over an inch vertical and the wind spread out all groups horizontal.

Thanks joe b. Had some back problems fixed. I have 2 g Laser Cast loads and 1 g Hi-Tech coat load ready to shoot first at 50 yards and then at yards.

I really enjoy shooting the g bullets and have tried the g but because of the recoil and back problems want to drop back and try the g. Perhaps the and Trapdoor loads will give me the combination I am looking for. I am not a caster and am working with the Laser Cast right now, with their high Bn number.

laser cast 45 70 load data

Really like the LC bullets. Am open to suggestion for other off the shelf cast bullets for my The Unique comments were also appreciated. I have found some loading data for Unique in but have not tried it yet. I do shoot Unique behind g cast in my 45C Henry.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: Unique Load Data. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Unique Load Data Hey all, I've put together a nice load using unique with a gr cast boolit. I'm running I've been thinking about putting together some gr and gr or gr loads with this powder and not really sure where to start.

I'd like to keep the velocity's in the fps with the heavier stuff and a little faster with the s range with a Marlin 22inch barrel.

Looking for something I can target shoot and hunt game with. There really isn't much data out there for caliber and unique. Thanks for your input. Do you have a handloading manual? Lyman 47 lists Unique data for gr, gr and other weights up to grs in the velocity range you indicate. This is in excess of what Trapdoor pressures are held to, only appropriate for Marlins and stronger: Skip the filler with Unique.

It is not needed as in these charge weights in this case as it is not that position sensitive. Originally Posted by sagacious. Lyman's 45th lists this load for an even heavier bullet, but in the interest of prudence and current data see the other edition's pressure tested data before the 49th edition grain cast bullets are most relevant.

Although velocities are fairly low, pressures are not as low as some of those loads obtaining similar velocities with powders like and RL 7. The behaves most like an overgrown pistol cartridge when loaded with Unique and the Pressures peak when the bullet is still partially within the case, most likely.

Any of you guys willing to take a picture of the load data in these manuals? Here's some Unique data. Source: Lyman 47 data for Winchester and Marlin only. Don't bother looking for Lyman 48, Lyman 47 has much more cast bullet data. Hope this helps, good luck. Last edited by sagacious; at PM.

I'm with 35Remington on the position sensitivity. I shot some 's using round balls and 9 grains of Unique and had consistent ignition and excellent accuracy. Something very strange I've been experiencing with my load of The even stranger part is with a key holing bullet its still flying the same flight path as the bullets that don't keyhole.

Anyone have any ideas? Big, did you weigh the boolits before loading them? Does this ever happen with any of your other loadings, ie different weights, different powders.

When you say the same flight path do you mean that their grouping with the other rounds, or kind of in the same vicinity? I don't know if you're stuck on using Unique. If not, try Trail Boss. I load a gr boolit under 14 gr of Trail Boss, no filler.

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Gives me fps with an extreme spread of 17 fps.Enter Your Email Address. Yes, we are working and shipping orders. Currently, orders placed today may take up to three weeks to ship. Thank you for your patience. We will get your order out as quickly as we can. We are a custom shop specializing in creating premium, hand cast bullets for all handloaders including recreational and competitive shooters. Most of these calibers use cast bullets.

Great quality, very consistent and accurate! We rely on a quality products, delivery and value for our customers. Montana meets all of these and more. I am impressed with the way you shipped the bullets all bullets in individual holes. So far the rifle enjoys these bullets as they shoot great. This of course makes me happy as well. Will be ordering more soon. Thank you for such high quality work.

I shot the cartridge match at the NYState Muzzleloaders Fall shoot and placed 1st in the 50yd rest and the yd rest using your bullets. Thanks for your efforts Jerry, Oxford, NY "I just received my bullets today and were in great condition. Thank you for the extra care and the bullets look very nice.

Hope I can do them justice on the range. Been shooting them a while but just now got around to chronographing some of your gr. Shot them out of my Handi-Rifle at fps.A two part question for all.

Going through my Lyman 49 and other on-line info I have compared jacketed bullets and cast bullets of the same weight and same powder type. Noting the difference in powder charges, can one, as a starting point, use the jacket bullet data when cast bullets data is not available? Not finding any direct data for the g cast I made a chart with over and under weights for the g cast bullet and loaded 5 test loads.

With the data comparison I feel these are all safe starting loads. As soon as my cronagraph comes I will be off to the range.

45-70 350g cast

Then I will repeat the process with A I have a Marlin 95 with 22" barrel and an not intending to go with max loads. Would anyone care to share your load information for the g cast?

Thanks from WI. I have an older Ore trail laser cast book. It shows a starting load of Max load Cast bullets nearly always produce less pressure than jacketed bullets with the same powder charge.

I wouldn't hesitate to use jacketed starting loads with lead bullets of the same weight, given they were seated to similar OAL. Remove Advertisements. I had never read about the difference in pressure between cast and jacketed but had always thought that may be the answer. Appreciate your reply. Thread Tools. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Trackbacks are On. Pingbacks are On. Refbacks are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT The time now is AM.

Privacy Policy. User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Rate Thread.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have a NEFthe Factory ammo isn't all that pleasant to shoot.

Being 67 n disabled i am looking for yds n under, most likely under a 75 yds in my woods. I no longer need a shoulder buster, i bought this nice single shot to enjoy my hunting for deer. I see cast bullets from gr past gr. Thinking a will make a hole through a deer's chest.

I have not even purchased a loading set, i doubt i will shoot 20 rounds a yr after i get an accurate load worked up.

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Recoil is 12 gauge or less. I'd say 16 gaugeish. I use this around 1, fps most of the time. Regards John. I use myself but I can't recall the load but it's quite comfortable in my Sharps.

You might want to look up Unique powder as well. I think i need to add abit more info, i am going to purchase cast bullets.

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Say i only load up 25 to 50 rounds a yr what type of Dies would i need? I don't want to come off being a wimp on recoil but since i had that fight with a Blk Jack oak in n lost its abit ruff at times. A few numbers from the recoil calculator Last edited by buckshotshoey; at PM.

laser cast 45 70 load data

Lots of like minded shooters as you here. It killed plenty of game on the plains during the US Army Cavalry expeditions in the s and s.

Mild 45-70 rounds

It's a very mild load and will certainly put a through and through hole through a deer at the ranges you predict. Your velocity goal is 1, fps to match the old load and it will shoot well in original, replica or lever action rifles. I cast the Lee grain hollow base bullet or the Lyman bullets plain base or use the Oregon Train grain bullet. I pick those up at their business in Baker City, Oregon and then size them to. Almost any of the pistol powders will work.

Unique is a good choice, but powders such asor SR are also good choices to get to 1, fps. Accuracy is great and more to the topic at hand, you can shoot it all day long without developing a flinch or hurting your shoulder.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread: gr cast boolit. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am about to start loading my first rounds this Saturday for some Sunday afternoon range time.

Anyone have any good warm loads for a Marlin GG? Thanks, Brazos. I am not real sure how much teeth rattling you are looking for. But 38 grains should get to about fps. I would start at 36 grains and see how your rifle reacts.

Oregon Trail Bullets

I got to 55 grains in my Winny Jap 26 inch Octagon barrel and decided that was enough power with that nasty steel Curved shoulder seperator. Be checking for pressure signs. If you do not know how to check for case expansion at the web area do not exceed 54 grains of But for my everyday shooting and carrying about load. Buffs by the million were shot with less. Even big mean snarly dogs hiding behind bushes seem to be no match for grains of lead at fps and slowing down.

God Bless you. I would look here first. Guy bent his lever trying to pry the action open. Many books will list the Marlin as being the stronger action. Not always true! This is for Ruger 1's. Have you tried to see if a loaded round will cycle in your action? My GG won't handle a gr. Just a little too long so they hang up and the carrier won't lift them. They go in the magazine just fine and then I am totally jammed Something you might want to check before you get all your brass loaded with rounds that won't chamber.

My GG is quite brutal with 's at fps. The will kill anything that walks at fps and is a LOT more fun to shoot. I much prefur Varget as I can get almost the same velocity with a lot less pressure. I also think is a fine powder Hope this helps and Have Fun. Originally Posted by missionary Originally Posted by jack I don't know if my manual is incorrect or what but it shows a start load of It shows a velocity of fps.

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